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Meet Philip Underwood…

Philip Underwood

Philip Underwood

For over 25 years he’s been quietly but busily teaching his secrets of stress freedom to thousands of people.

He ran his own furniture manufacturing business for a while but decided to dedicate himself to transforming the lives of others after a stress related heart attack and bypass surgery.

After studying with some of the greatest teachers in the world and running a meditation school entirely on donations for 5 years, he began lecturing all over Europe and was hired by global companies to address issues of stress in the workplace.

Now for the first time ever through the StressControl system you can access Philip’s stress freeing secrets from wherever you want, whenever you want.

Relaxation is great and is an essential part of becoming stress free, however it only treats stress on a physical symptom level. Use the StressControl system to address the psychological causes of stress.


The StressControl Story

StressControl was created to free you from the psychological and physical damage of stress.

StressControl achieves this by addressing the root cause of stress and develops your ‘resilience’ (the ability to handle and bounce back from stressful situations quickly).

It is a home study course purchased as a physical DVDs and was over 2 years in the making.



When I (Chris Coney), the then 28 year old Internet specialist met Philip, I learned from him for a few months before realising that Philip had the real secrets to stress freedom.

When I initially brought to Philip the idea of creating the StressControl system, Philip felt it was too commercial and not enough about fulfilling his mission in life of making a truly positive difference to people’s lives.

After 2 years of constant pestering, I was able to make Philip realise how many people were missing out on the benefits of his secrets and he agreed to create StressControl under 5 conditions:

  1. The system had to include Philip’s best stress secrets
  2. Even though his techniques are 10 times more effective, he refused to charge 10 times the price
  3. Philip had to be 100% confident that everyone who got the system was totally happy with the results
  4. Because you are already stressed, the system should not add to it
  5. It had to be freely accessible to everyone

Philip supplied all the stress freeing secrets, I did all of the techie stuff and the StressControl system was born.

If you haven’t already done so, take our Stress Test Online to find out exactly how much stress you have.

Then try the StressControl system by purchasing a starter pack and see the benefits for yourself.